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For reservation the program please send a massege to email spa@thermal.hu

group tour (2,5 ч.):
(English, German)
From April 1st to 2017: Every day at 10 am except on Saturday

private tours:
(English, German French, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Hungarian)

SMALL tour (2 hours)

ESSENTIAL tour (2,5 hours)

The Synagogue Triangle Private Tour (4 hours)

GRAND tour (4,5 hours)


Jewish heritage Walking tours in Budapest

Private Grand Tour 4,5 hours


1 – Deák Ferenc square – the history of the old Pest, the old Jewish market
2 – Gábor Sztehlo Monument   – the statue of a Lutheran pastor, he was the first Hungarian who was awarded as righteous with the Yad Vashem honour by the State of Israel
3 – Madách Square – the history of the Orczy house, the first Jewish Center in Pest
4 – Rumbach Street Synagogue (outside visit)
5 – Jewish Museum with local guiding where you get acquainted with the Hungarian Jewish heritage through a unique collection of art pieces from Hungary and Eastern Europe, and the rich tradition of Judaism, its holidays and everyday life. A separate room commemorates the Holocaust in Hungary.
6 – Interior visit of the Dohány Street Synagogue which is the largest operating synagogue in Europe and the second largest in the world.
7 – Martyrs’ Cemetery
8 – Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park
9 – Tree of Life Memorial
10 – Heroes’ Temple
– (outside visit)
11 – Jewish Centre where you can visit the Family Research Center

After a short break we continue our walk through the Jewish Quarter, on the streets of the former Budapest Ghetto, which hosts synagogues, monuments, kosher restaurants, and kosher shops. While your guide tells you important facts and local stories of this area, you also get basic information about Budapest.

Other main attractions of the Grand Tour:

12 – Carl Lutz Memorial Park dedicated to the Swiss diplomat who is also known as Hungary’s Schindler
13 – Gozsdu Passage
14 – Orthodox Jewish Quarter
15 –
Interior visit of the Kazinczy Street Synagogue, the only one built in Hungarian Folklore style

  • At the end of the tour (or in the break) you have two options: you can accept our invitation to have a cake in the glatt kosher Fröhlich confectionery or you can receive 10% discount in the glatt kosher Carmel restaurant.

Duration: 4,5 hours

Jewish heritage Walking tours in Budapest. Private tour


Grand tour 1 pers. 2-3 pers. 4 pers. 5-10 pers.
Price / Person 110 € 94 € 84 € 77 €

professional guiding during the whole tour
entrance fee to the Jewish Museum
entrance fee to the Dohány Street Synagogue
entrance fee to the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park
entrance fee to the Jewish Centre, where you can visit the Hungarian Jewish Archiv and an audio-visual exhibition about the past of the Jewish Quarter in Budapest


free pick-up or at the Deák Ferenc square at the Sztehlo Gábor Monumen


For reservation the program please send a massege to email spa@thermal.hu


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